Saying Thanks

Posted: April 1, 2019

This website has been made possible by a group of absolutely amazing individuals at the Huntington Historical Society. For a year, I had been mulling over the idea of how to apply my love of history and create something tangible that could enrich our community. When the idea of a digital platform and youth engagement solidified in my mind, I reached out to Mr. Robert Hughes, the Town of Huntington Historian. Not sure of his view of my vision, I sent out an email asking for a few minutes of his time. Mr. Hughes not only patiently heard me out, but along with the leaders of the Huntington Historical Society, gave me immeasurable support and guidance in the following weeks and months that I can’t imagine any of this having materialized in the time that it did. Their feedback, suggestions, encouragement, and enthusiasm are so deeply appreciated. A special shout out to Tracy, Mr. Frolich, Mr. Kissam, and Mrs. Martin!

On that note, please visit the Society’s website: 

Do also stop by, enjoy the exhibits, take a walking tour, and join as a member. You’ll be very glad you did!