My Children's Book

Posted: November 10th, 2019

My passion for history began as a young child when I traveled with my family. Visiting museums and historical sites was always an integral part of the itinerary. The night before, we would read up interesting stories and fun facts about the places we were visiting the next day. That small effort made the sites come alive for me and I was never that kid who dragged his feet in places most young children might find boring.

I wrote Miss Kim’s Class Goes To Town for elementary school students to ignite a love of history in young minds. What better place than to start with our own town that is so historically fascinating! Huntington has many more wonderful sites and stories that are worthy of being featured. This book is merely a glimpse into the history of the town.

My hope is for young children to realize that history is not found exclusively in inanimate textbooks, but is alive through living people’s memories, films, photos, monuments, relics and stories of the past. These stories don’t just amaze and inspire us but also teach us valuable lessons for what lies ahead. When we understand the thoughts, actions, and sacrifices of our ancestors, we truly cherish the values and ideals that are the foundation of our country. I am of the firm belief that when children learn to appreciate and respect the past, they grow up to be responsible and informed citizens of the future. So, in that sense, history is inextricably woven into our present.

I look forward to seeing you around town exploring the wonderful sites of Huntington with your young ones!

There will be a book launch on November 30th from 1-3pm. For more information, please visit the Huntington Historical Society's event page!